Stitching Services

Noor Makkah Tailors stitching service explanation of sew conformation and the commerce of the factor. And variable that constitute a ‘ good confluence ’ are considered. It shown how change to those variable can affect the sew equilibrium from a flat stable appearance to an unstable incarnation performing in unstable seams. discrimination feed, coverlet- heft …

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Mens Tailor

We are providing you best stitching all over the area. Mens Tailor are responsible for the standard of quality stitching and customizing all the gents’ dresses. Moreover, We are also providing the alters of your pants and other jeans. We are also modifying the dresses and jackets. Noor makkah are providing the modern services of …

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Afghani Pathani suit

Right Kind of Afghani pathani suit for this SeasonUnlike the aged days when men could n’t watch lower about how they looked at important occasions, you now see men taking equal interest as women in the rearmost trends and fashion. Men in India love to dress up in the traditional vesture for special occasions. One similar occasion that most men look out for is Eid. Eid naturally Eid naturally calls for the traditional Afghani wear of the Afghani Pathani suit. It’s also a regular source of wear and tear for numerous men. The sophisticated outfit is available in colorful colors, patterns, and creative cuts and fabrics. The suit can also have stretched thread work or a tone-on-tone design on it. But how does one find a perfect Pathani suit for them? With a wide range of variety available online as well as offline, it can be relatively confusing to elect the right bone . Take a look below to know the specifications you …

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