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Noor Makkah Tailor service speak in thread and needles

Noor Makka Tailor service are providing you best stitching in all over the area. We are responsible for the standard of quality stitching and customize all the gents’ dresses. We are also providing the alters of yours pants and other jeans.

Noor makkah tailor are also modifying the dresses and jackets. company are providing the modern services of the stitching of the jeans. We are providing you the dresses design according to what do need of the design Stitching, design, Integration of thread, all in one .Modifying the older dresses and make the new design for the customers. Our work is not only stitching the dresses but also make the comfort wear for you. Just wear the standard able stitching and Make Yourself Useful.


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People Say The Nicest Things

Jafar Iqbal: Designer

Noor -al –makkah tailor have the best services about modifying and sewing the man dresses. It is my best experience to stitch the dresses of my engagement.

Ayoub khan: Manager

I sewing y all the casual dresses from noor ul makkah.I does not have any type of bad experienced .I prefer the sewing services to the makah tailor so I ever received best services.

Osama Azghar: Store Owner

I have no words to explain the furnishing and the modifying the dresses I stitched. This is best for classical and modern gent’s dresses.

Zahir Abbas: Hotel Manager

I have no words to explain the sewing experienced to the noor ul makkah tailor, this is my first experienced and I Feedback on it with full rating.

Sadain Malik: Graphic Designer

I stitched my all dresses from noor ul makkah tailor and I got no realtering and sizing issues have full rating to these stitching and modifying services.

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